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"Glenn Leider"
Apr 2021
Carlsbad, CA

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Unhappy Lost PRP M110817649

My work on M110817649 is missing! After my PC was updated and rebooted,
my Prime95 work was replaced with a new assignment: M110781499.
My assignment list shows M110817649 at 50.3% as of yesterday.
My reporting files show no new update since early this morning.
I'd like to resume work on M110817649 if that's possible.

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Was prime95 installed in a directory where you have write permissions? And not in some temporary folder that Windows deletes on reboot?
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Romulan Interpreter
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Jun 2011

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That's only possible if you have any saved files (checkpoints) from the former run. The server doesn't store those, your computer does.
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"Glenn Leider"
Apr 2021
Carlsbad, CA

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I have several files dated May 1 and early on May 2 in the p95v303b6.win64 subdirectory:

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Try going to (make sure you are signed in)
Find the assignment line for the exponent in question (the one in a box in the bottom half of the page.). Copy it.
Go to Prime95, stop it, and exit.
Find your Worktodo.txt file. Open it in a text editor.
Under the [Worker 1] line, insert the assignment.
Save the file.
Restart Prime95.
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"Glenn Leider"
Apr 2021
Carlsbad, CA

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Thank you! That did the trick. I'm back to the assignment I had been doing.
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