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Default Prime95 on Windows Vista

I'm playing along with Windows Vista Beta 2 (64 bit edition) and I tried to put prime95 on it. It seems to work OK, but I don't get the icon on the taskbar. Has anyone tried the same and has any idea of how to get the taskbar icon back?

Thanks in advance.
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3rd post. No solution yet.
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Apr 2005

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Default Looks like a bug in Vista Beta 2

Java Tray Icon bug in Windows Vista Beta 2. Bug is supposed to be fixed in later builds of Vista.
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Old 2006-08-17, 15:24   #4
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I've just updated my (official, payed) version of Windows-XP SP2 from the web.
Then, when I clicked the prime95 icon, the window opens totaly minimized. I have to resiwe it from 0x0 to something usable. Do you see the same behaviour ?
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Mar 2006

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Default Vista RC1.5600

I loaded the latest version of Vista (RC1 build 5600) tonight .

For the most part, it works. It is able to connect to PrimeNet and perform Torture Test (Blend).

The only two errors so far:

1.) While running a torture test, the screen went dark then came back; after about 7-10 minutes, I got a Security Error message but I was not able to capture a screen shot. I think their Resource Monitor tool had issues with Prime95 using so many resources (i.e. memory, CPU)

2.) Error opening results file to output this message:
Unable to open log file.
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kdelisle2005's issue is unrelated to the vista problem here, would a moderator please move it into its own thread and delete this post?
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Old 2007-03-06, 23:11   #7
Mar 2007

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Default help!

OK, I'm running Vista and tried to download Prime 95. It worked wonderfully after download but after a reboot now refuses to run or open. Nor, despite placing it in the startup folder, will it execute upon a reboot. If you try to run directly a blank window flashes on the screen with the program name called "untitled"

I'm running a pentium D dual core processor with 1024 MB DDR memory and the Vista Premium operating system.

Any tricks?
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try un-checking "boot at start-up" in prime95's options menu. If you want it to start at boot-up, try using the Scheduled tasks wizard built into windows (if it still exists; i dont use vista).

That's how i got prime95 to work with windows2000 before it supported NT Services.

To circumvent the tray icon problem, go to options in Prime95 and make sure both “Tray Icon” and "No Icon" are NOT checked. That will force Prime95 to sit in your taskbar. It isn't elegant, but it should keep Prime95 from vanishing.

Last fiddled with by E_tron on 2007-03-07 at 19:26
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Mar 2007

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Default More Strangeness

OK, upon install the program works without a hitch. However, once the machine is rebooted the program can no longer be run in any fashion--it isn't a problem with it not showing in the toolbar so much as a problem with running it at all. I have to do a complete uninstall with reboot before it will install again. Otherwise, a window flashes on the screen with the prime95 icon in the corner but "untitled" where the program name should be. I say "flashes" because it comes up and then immediately disappears.

So, I don't think that the proposed fix of using scheduler would work because there is no way to get the program to work by using the run dialog.

Fortunately, I believe that since the program saves its work, each new install picks up where the old one left off. Eventually, I will not need to reboot as often, but I can't help but think that there is an easier solution to the mess.
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I am running Prime95 on Windows Vista 64 without a problem. I do not have it set to run automatically at boot up, which is how I want it. I also do not have "Tray Icon" or "No Icon" checked.

You can press Control-Alt-Delete and then select "Start Task Manager" to see if the program is really running or not. If it is, you should be able to use Alt-Tab to switch to it, so that you can un-check the Tray icon and No Icon options.
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Mar 2007

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Default Did the Trick

OK, when I unchecked the "Boot at Startup" it solved the problem. I can get Prime95 to run from the program menu.

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