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Default something wrong here?

New Scientist recently published an article about quantum computing, entitled "Qubits poised to reveal our secrets" (I didn't use the New Scientist official site since it requires a subscription).

However, somewhere in the article, it says:

For instance, to find the prime factors of a 10-digit public key, approximately 100,000 calculations are needed; for a 50-digit number about 10 trillion trillion are required. IBM’s Blue Gene supercomputer would take a fraction of a second to crack a 10-digit key, but about 100 years for a 50-digit key. And keys are now much longer than 50 digits. In 1994, mathematician Peter Shor at Bell Labs in New Jersey developed a routine that radically reduces the time required to make those calculations. There was just one rather large catch: it could only run on a computer that exploits quantum mechanics.
Huh? I think there must have been a mistake or something, as people have factored 200-digit numbers.

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It states that Blue Gene would take that long, but I assume that they are referring to a brute force method.
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Originally Posted by ixfd64 View Post
Huh? I think there must have been a mistake or something, as people have factored 200-digit numbers.
I was going to write about how the key they're talking about likely has many more than 10 possible combinations per digit, but then I realized that even a 256 digit key with 50 possible combinations is in the 400-digit range, and wouldn't be so hard to factor, not 100 years of Blue Gene at least, even if semiprime.
So...I think I agree with you that there is a mistake there.

EDIT: I just had my (quite old and slow) computer factor a 51 digit semiprime number, and it did it in 1 minute 34 seconds, with me doing other things on the computer. So, in any case, it's definitely not talking about a semiprime that's about 10^50.

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