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Default Curious about iteration

I am wondering what is an iteration? I see it on my screen as something like 4100000/3550000. What does it mean?

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An iteration is a step. A pass through a loop if you will (like laps in a race). If you were to multiply 47 by 13 by adding 13 47's, each time you added a new 47 would be an iteration.

Using your question (slightly modified) if you saw

[May 29 5:00pm] Iteration: 4100000/35500000 [11.55%] per iteration time 0.047 sec.

This means that at that tidate and time you had completed 4100000 out of 35500000 steps to check and see it 235500000-1 is prime and each step is taking on average (since the last report) 0.047 sec to complete and you are 11.55% of the way to finishing (the whole job).

The math and what goes on in each iteration is more complex that adding another single number, but that is the basic idea.

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Actually, the math is basically not much more complicated than that. Basically, each step just consists of squaring, then subtracting two. Its just the techniques for speeding up the squaring of very large number that is quite complex.
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OK, thanks. That clears up a lot for me. Now I get it.
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