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Are there any other competitors to MS, Googlie Mooglie, or evil Amazon as far as GPU in the cloud goes?

I know Microsoft rolls out a new Nvidia chip tomorrow, so that has me intrigued. But I'm also interested in ATI providers, or even knock offs, reverse engineered. Can't those bitcoin miners be used as GPU renderers in the cloud?

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I'm not aware of anyone but the big three offering GPU instances, and even there, it is only very, very recently that they have started to offer adequate and sensibly priced options. Even Amazon, before the introduction of the p2 instances (NVIDIA Tesla K80) a mere month and a half ago, had only the underperforming g2 instances (NVIDIA GRID K520) at spot prices that were often berserk. And Microsoft and Google had nothing.

The niche players are very rapidly falling by the wayside, or converting themselves into value-added resellers of AWS.

The Bitcoin miners don't use GPUs, nothing but custom single-purpose ASICs makes sense for that anymore.

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