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Default A meaningless curiosity

36468:2513 = 2^4*31*1859347420261560325423336926156329967468978997904111853993329014755200016908884287332630794654761631288131052235930098228067
36468:2514 = 2^4*31*1859347420261560325423336926156329967468978997904111853993329014755200016908884287332630794654761631288131052235930098228069
Sadly the next line has 2^4*3*31 rather than losing the driver. I haven't seen one of these before - driver*p is relatively rare, 124-digit twin primes are relatively rare, so getting both at once is quite unlikely.
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Nice !
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Nice, I thing this is the record for the "highest twin primes found in an aliquot sequence" (of course, non trivial cases)
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