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Default Anyone else expecting a new prime 19-tuplet?

Looks like someone is really out to get the first "big" prime 19-tuplet:

I've been waiting for this ever since these two 18-tuplets were discovered in 2000/2001.

Anyone interested in predictions?
Mine: late January / early February this year.

Also, did anyone attempt to find a 19-tuplet themselves? I did, but I only invested about 150 hours in a calculation that would surely have taken the best part of a decade to actually find one...
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Just call me Henry
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what programs have been built to look for large k-tuples
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I don't know.
I used my own BASIC-program, pre-sieved m's to 37# or thereabouts, looked for small factors up to 73, then searched values of k*73#+m for further factors up to a given point in a given range for k, proceeded by quick PRP-checks.
I think it's about the best you can do.

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Jens K Andersen
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There are two 19-tuplet searches. Joerg Waldvogel & Peter Leikauf who found the first two non-trivial 18-tuplets have been searching a 19-tuplet for years:
Jaroslaw Wroblewski started a search 4 December 2008 and has found two 18-tuplets:
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