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Default Fedora


I have 2 Pentium 350 MHz Compaq machines. I had them both run under Windows 2000 and each factoring assignment took 6 minutes. I then switched one machine to Red Hat 8.0 and restarted factoring. Each assignment still takes 6 minutes.
I then installed Fedora Core 1 and restarted factoring. Here each assignment takes 18 minutes. (same range)
The screensaver was set to none, the system monitor says the process receives in the upper 90's % processor time, just like the other machine, I could not find any power saving for the pc. What else should I look into?


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Try doing a benchmark and see if the timings are also much slower than on the benchmark page.

I'm running Fedora 1 as well, and my benchmarks seem okay. I've not actually used a stop watch to check though - always assumed that if the benchmark is good, then the timings should also be good.
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Default Re: Fedora

Aargh, different factoring limits, the Fedora Core is functioning better than the old 8.0 code. Sorry for bothering you.
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