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Originally Posted by Unitome View Post
Also just for any newbies who read this someday, I tested YAFU and GGNFS and GGNFS is much faster than YAFU for numbers that GGNFS can factor. Roughly 40% faster on 100 digit numbers.
This might be related to the issue described in this thread where yafu can sometimes spend way too long on polynomial selection.

(and even without that issue, I think yafu spends too long on poly selection anyway, I often see 20% of total NFS time spent on polyselect)

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Originally Posted by chris2be8 View Post
I think pol5 was written as part of ggnfs. But you would be better off using msieve for polynomial selection today. In fact all you need is the lattice sievers, msieve and a current driver script ( or The rest of ggnfs is only of historical interest now.

Chris suggests pol5 also came from ``T. Kleinjung and/or Jens Franke''

This was used alongside msieve cpu polynomial selection as part of large searches for a number of years similar to how both msieve-gpu and CADO polyselect are used today.
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