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Question am i special yet?


just found this site, played around a bit. Decided to make my own formula to create prime numbers. I did so, and I can now create prime numbers with ease using a pen and paper (or even in my head) to almost any digit (so I think). I've tested my theory using prime number testing programs and it definitely works up to 20 digits. The thing is, I had to wait 10 minutes for the program to verify my result so I can only imagine how long it would take to prove a significantly large prime number.

My question: am I on the right track if I can do this to 20 digits, or is this pretty damned commonplace? How many digits before most of the patterns start dissappearing? What would be a worthwhile digit place to give my formula the credit it would need for me to justify tying my computer up for 3 weeks testing a million digit prime number?

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You can check here if you number is prime in only seconds up to 40 digits.

For more then 40 digits, try here

If you use your method and create with pencil and paper - let's say - ten 40 digit prime numbers (without creating tons of non-prime numbers) let us know...
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You can use Pfgw to test prime numbers of a certain form. For example n*a^m+1, n!+1, etc...
If your formula can be expressed like those quoted here, you definitely can test it up to very big numbers.
If you can't download Pfgw or have questions about it, fell free to ask for assistance.
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