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James Heinrich
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"James Heinrich"
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Default request: always include "from" in trial-factoring results

I'd like to request that Prime95 outputs the starting bit-depth for trial factoring to screen and to results.txt -- right now it (usually) just says:
UID: <userid>/<compid>, M<exponent> no factor to 2^67, WZ1: <residue>
instead of:
UID: <userid>/<compid>, M<exponent> no factor from 2^60 to 2^67, WZ1: <residue>
I have seen the latter format in some instances, so the code must be there just buried in an if statement somehow. Please make it always output the starting bit-depth.

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Peter Nelson
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Default Use of "from..." in trial factoring tests

This request is similar to my comment about using FROM in trial factoring in this thread...

I support it's use in the output like this too as well as at each bit depth DURING the test. A fast computer will probably only waste a few extra nanoseconds to write the "from" part.


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