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Default Home made spectroscope.

IMAO this is wonderful.

I'm going to make one.
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Spherical Cow
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Very clever- Yes, I think I see a spectroscope in my future.
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The article is ambiguous about gases producing lines. It's low-pressure gases that emit or absorb sharp lines. High-pressure gases produce continuous spectra.

For calibration, approach, or with a mercury-vapor fluorescent light works well.
There was a web site years ago that allowed uploading jpg files from a digital camera and produced labeled and scaled wavelength images from them, by identifying peak intensities corresponding to well known emission lines, but I've lost the URL.
Digital cameras are often capable of detecting slightly-UV lines as well as near infrared.

On resolution versus range,
cd 1.6 um track spacing
dvd 0.74 um
blu ray 0.32 um

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