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Default 64 bit performance?

I have failed to find anything on the forum about weather or how running the 64 bit P95, i would really like some input on that matter.

Another matter that doesnt really belong in this forum is why there isnt a 64 linux version (prefferably debian debs) avalible or have i missed it?

Anyhow, hope to get some answers.

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There is little to no difference in running the 64-bit or 32-bit version of prime95. An AMD64 machine will trial factor faster.

There is no 64-bit linux version because objcopy (part of binutils) does not support convert 64-bit COFF object files. They are just adding that support now. It is buggy.

Fortunately, an even better option has come along. Agner Fog has an object file conversion program that generates 64-bit ELF as well as Mac OS X object files!
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