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Default Favorite forums

Other than this one, what are your favorite web forums? I'm adding a description but one is not required.

Just the very dinky blog
It's a political blog. It's good if you like "very small" and "not very active". The thing I like most is the ability to create your own content that goes right on the front page, and you can reply to comments whether you are registered or not. If you want to submit a thread, once you do one of the few moderators has to vote to get it in. This happens fairly quickly. I think right now the deal is only one vote to get your content in and two votes to make sure it doesn't. Essentially the only thing that gets eliminated is spam. (Free speech is good.)
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go there click forums then go to bottem and click construct
go there click forums hten click forums again its smaller then last time
this is a good forum for codeing and web design
this is my forum sign up it needs people ok.
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Last fiddled with by edorajh on 2004-09-30 at 06:19
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Default (this is my forum)
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