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Default Vision for the future of primes

I have a vision for the future of primes. My vision is similar to that of the great famed mathematian, Carl Friedrich Gauss, who painstakingly manually calculated all primes < 300 million in his lifetime in order to come up with some of the greatest theories and proofs in the history of mathematics. That vision is to find and publish full, complete, and accurate lists of all Riesel and Proth primes within specific ranges. But it goes much further than that, I also hope to advance mathematics for all future generations.

NPLB is about that vision. Our aim for this project is to find all Riesel and Proth primes within a large swath of area bounded by relatively low values of k and relatively high values of n. By doing this, it is our hope that not only will future generations of mathematicians be able to predict quite accurately where a prime is most likely to occur, they will be able to predict EXACTLY where a prime is going to occur.

It is a grand effort and we must not forget the vision. In order for the vision to be realized, we must be diligent. There will be others who will try to throw us off of the vision. There will be projects and individuals who will attempt to thwart our efforts by claiming that certain areas of primes are theirs despite no recent efforts in those areas. There will be those that say they will search ranges and then never report where they are at on them and hence leave holes of apparently unsearched ranges behind. There will be those that will attempt to find big primes before us. There will be others who will become upset when we try to push them towards this greater vision.

Despite what others will do, I believe that projects can work together to accomplish the greater good for the future by working together in harmony to accomplish something great for the betterment of primes and math in general. Therefore, I ask that those who will attempt to undermine our efforts to come forth and work with us instead of against us. We claim no more ownership of this quest than anyone else. We only aim to set goals to accomplish this vision and nothing more.

Please join us. It is a noble quest for the future of primes, mathematicians, and non-mathematically minded hobbyists alike.

Thank you,
Gary Barnes

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Sunday was a very challenging day for us at NPLB. Several things came up that could easily deter us from our efforts.

Alas, we shall perserve and move past the challenges. The goals and vision are much greater than small bumps in the road.

Thanks to all who continue with us on the journey.

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