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Aug 2002

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Default Oops!

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later...

I managed to corrupt the database a few hours ago... Our most recent backup from January 4th wouldn't work so I was forced to use January 2nd's backup... :(

Only a few posts were lost and I think two or three user accounts were affected... Fortunately, it has been a slow week for us! It is possible a number of private messages were affected, but since they are private I have no way of knowing...

The good news is I now have a much better understanding of the restore process...

I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused!
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Jan 2003

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Default That explains it

I was all confused because I couldn't login anymore, but this explains it. No harm done, recreated my account.
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That's awesome! I was wondering why my account reverted to Dec. 31! I was looking at posts from months ago and wondering why my computer wasn't updating!
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...and it looks like most everyone needs to re-vote on the "Will GIMPS find another prime this year" poll, looks like most of the votes were lost. Obviously mine was or it wouldn't have let me vote again. Hmm, didn't realize the forum server was in Florida ;)
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I was wondering why there was such a big gap in messages between the end of Dec and today.


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