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~ su
EvilLair retina #
Mint (Ubuntu) su works.
~ sudo su
[sudo] password for retina:
EvilLair retina #
sudo su also works.
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Originally Posted by VBCurtis View Post
Just tried "su" on Ubuntu 18.04. Authentication failure.

Tried "sudo su", same password, got shell prompt with a # at the end instead of $.
The prompt with a # should mean it's running as root. Try id before and after sudo su to confirm that.

The authentication failure from su is probably because the system would want root's password then, not your id's password. Although on some Linux systems you need to use su - to get a shell prompt (this is a relatively recent change in Debian Linux which has/will spread to distributions descended from Debian).

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Mark Rose
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You can also use sudo -i for an interactive root shell.
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Some Linux distributions disable the root account entirely. You can still enable it but you have to do it manually. This is done for security reasons.
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