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Default CPU performance counters, how to use them?

Many years ago (don't dare to count...) I was using some library to count CPU events such as stalls, cache misses, etc.

I guess many people here are as me obsessed by stall removal.

What do people use to access these CPU counters? Dedicated libraries, oprofile, dedicated tools (it looks like Intel VTune for Linux is free for non-commercial use) ?

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Oprofile for me, but the AMD patched version in their CodeAnalyst for Linux package that adds support for instruction based sampling.

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Back in the bad old days, when Intel first published documentation on their performance counters for the original Pentium, your only choice in DOS was to compile your programs with DJGPP, using a real-mode memory management library instead of the default DPMI library, and then read and write the counters directly.

Oprofile is much nicer.
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