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Originally Posted by Puzzle-Peter View Post
I had a look at the source, but that's not what I am very good at. I learned it is "built from the ppsieve package" but I am at a loss at how to get a tpsieve from that?

I had a hard time tweaking polysieve which is only a single file of code and a short one also. These multifile builds just go over my head. It clearly shows I never really learned to write software.
Although it might not be exactly what you might want, try twinsieve from the mtsieve framework. It sieves for a single n and variable range of k.
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During the holiday season I am granted access to a Nvidia Tesla system in exchange for taking care of the house and the cat lol. I would like to see how fast tpsieve-cuda will run on this but it is looking for that library without finding it so I suppose i need to change the path in the code and compile it. I am not sure I need more recent libraries anyway.
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Where is that? We are also interested, you can add "taking care of the old lady" in top of it, we wouldn't mind, if we are allowed at least to "set and forget" the Tesla system... hihi.
Have a lot of fun with it! We would recommend cudaLucas, why waste the power of a DP card running SP stuff?
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