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Default Strange history

One of our exponents has a history I can't believe.

No factors below 2^67
P-1 B1=595000, B2=18593750
Assigned Trial factoring to "Gymnasium_Raubling" on 2008-12-19
History no factor from 2^68 to 2^69 by "sirlpr" on 2008-11-08
History no factor from 2^63 to 2^64 by "Sturle Sunde" on 2008-12-07
History no factor from 2^64 to 2^65 by "Sturle Sunde" on 2008-12-09
History no factor from 2^65 to 2^66 by "borkencode" on 2008-12-10
History no factor from 2^66 to 2^67 by "borkencode" on 2008-12-11
History B1=595000, B2=18593750 by "Gymnasium_Raubling" on 2008-12-19

If sirlpr really hadn't found a factor up to 2^69 in november, why all the computations later in december? I guess that's a typo in line number 4. Shouldn't it read

History no factor to 2^62 by "sirlpr" on 2008-11-08 ?

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For a brief period the v5 server was not parsing results from v24 clinets correctly. sirlpr probably used a v24 client to TF from the start to 2^69 but the server only recognized the last bit level. Alternatively, sirlpr is a fiend who trial factors out of order to confuse people
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