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Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
Nope, all you need is a long stick/brush to press all keys at once, as you will only have all keys pressed, always (all digits wil be 111111 in base 2, therefore same in base 2^k, except first digit, but that also has no "gaps").
So, a piece of 2x2 of keyboard length, with another nailed alongside with an offset vertically to correspond to the vertical offset of black keys above white. Same chord, repeated, like the first few notes of Chopsticks. How elegant. Look out Carnegie Hall.

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Viliam Furik
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Well, I haven't mentioned, that I HAVE musified the M1398269, but I couldn't make WAV from MIDI, so I am left with the MIDI file, which is playable, for example in Windows Media Player, or VLC, but there you have to download a SoundFont file (.sf2).

So there is a link to my Drive folder, containing all MIDI files I created and will create, plus the one WAV with M44497.
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Dr Sardonicus
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Originally Posted by kriesel View Post
You're going to run out of fingers, even in a duet with an identical twin with bilateral polydactyly.
Never mind "fingers." It took computer technology to perform George Anthiel's Ballet Mécanique for the first time, 75 years after he composed it.
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