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Dec 2003

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Default Unix client?

Hi all,

I have potential access to some Sunfire workstations and servers, ranging from Blades to 6800's. I was wondering if there is a Unix client for Prime? Are the Linux clients useable in Unix? These are some fairly hefty machines that otherwise aren't running very much, mostly used for non-taxing verification and testing in our lab at work. I'd really like to be able to put them to good use in a distributed computing project; these things are beasts.

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Sep 2003

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Prime95 uses x86 assembler code.

If your Unix box runs on a standard PC with an Intel Pentium (or AMD) chip inside, then you can probably use mprime (the Linux version of Prime95).

However, if your Unix box runs on various RISC chips (Alpha, HP-PA, Sun) then you probably want either Mlucas or Glucas. Send a private message to ewmayer for Mlucas or gbvalor for Glucas.

These are not as convenient to use as Prime95 and mprime though... they don't automatically interact with PrimeNet, so you have to get exponents and report results manually.
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