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Default What's up with the crazy questions for profile edits?

I just wanted to change my time zone and I got asked two very strange questions which weren't at all clearly questions I had to answer.

One was about some road biker and when he won his first of a particular race. The other was a simple math question and it wouldn't accept the answer in the most logical form--(2^32-1) is 0xffffffff most logically. But it wanted it in decimal

This looks like some attempt to be a CAPTCHA, but it was just *weird*. It also seemed a very strange place for it. I'm already logged in, why do I need to prove I'm a human to change my time zone?
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The administrator sometimes lets his sense of humor show through in... non-conventional places. I'm not entirely sure what the split is between CAPTCHA and humor, but it's almost certainly some mix of both.
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@Dubslow, indeed.
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