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Gary Edstrom
Oct 2002

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Default InterimResidues=

I just tried experimenting with placing InterimResidues=1000000 in my prime.ini file. I notice that it prints out the residues on 3 iterations in a row. Is this intentional? I'm running 23.7.1

Example from results.txt...

[Thu Dec 04 05:23:10 2003]
UID: gedstrom/Home, M21191329 interim WZ1 residue 8920B4C588E96FBD at iteration 17000000
UID: gedstrom/Home, M21191329 interim WZ1 residue BD597FAD6CB3A623 at iteration 17000001
UID: gedstrom/Home, M21191329 interim WZ1 residue A747FC074B992522 at iteration 17000002
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Sep 2003

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I think some programs like Glucas disagree with Prime95 about iteration numbering... is the initial S=4 the first iteration or do you not count it... and is it the first iteration or the zeroth iteration. So Prime95 prints all the possibilities.

This is important when Glucas and Prime95 are running simultaneous LL tests and you want to verify that the interim residues are matching... to pick a recent entirely unhypothetical example.
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