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Default Active noise cancelling CPU cooler

Very interesting idea! Here's a piece with video-

I'm a little disappointed that it does not seem to cut wind noise so much. This author makes a good point that video coolers make a lot of the noise in modern high-powered systems. Note that this does not use actual speakers. I could imagine something mounted in the case to take on noise in general. Maybe include a bit of adjustment to tune it to individual conditions. A mic and a couple of small speakers might be really interesting to play with.

Looking at the video suggests that some writers were just winging it on the details.

I think the writer at Tom's must not have looked close enough, or was just quoting. He thinks there are speakers.,22995.html

But TechPowerUp also says speakers-

However, Xbit cites the blade vibration-cancelling ring-
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This is pretty cool.

People are going to be quick to say that this is pointless as there are a good number of options for quiet coolers already. Noctua already has a good selection of practically silent fans. I have two running at full speed on my H80i and they make about as much noise as my GTX 670 fan when the GPU is idle. Even in a single video card setup, the GPU heatsink fan makes the most noise in any PC, so people will argue that eliminating what is left of the noise created by the CPU heatsink fan is a waste of time.

However, we might see a video card manufacturer or two try to implement this kind of thing into their GPU coolers, which could work. The reason Noctua wants to begin with CPU cooling is probably because of how many people buy CPU coolers compared to how many people buy aftermarket GPU coolers. The latter practically exist on a per model basis, and even then not ever HD 7870 is the same, and very few HD 7870 coolers are going to fit on an HD 7970. On the other hand, with a few brackets, the same heatsink will fit on AM3, AM3+, LGA 1155, LGA 2011, LGA 1150, etc., which covers practically every CPU sold in the last few years.

Still, my money is on seeing Noctua apply this tech to their stand-alone case fans. I'm going to get into liquid cooling fairly soon, and I'm excited to get to finally stop hearing my GPU fan. With 6 noise-cancelling fans on a 3x120mm radiator, the only thing I will hear is the PSU occasionally spinning up.

An interesting question is how much noise can the fans deal with, as in, can they also cancel out the wind noises created by the actual air turbulence, and can they cancel out noise made by other fans?

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From what I understand of noise cancelation, this can never work as well as noise cancelling headphones. It may reduce the noise from one fan somewhat but cant do as good a job on all the souces of noise from fans and airflow let alone any other noises in the environment that headphones will take care of.
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If a fan can cancel its own motor noise and some of the whooshing air flow noises I will be a big fan immediately. No pun intended, seriously. The question of cancelling other noises is probably a bit far off for now, but that's not really a huge deal either.
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