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Mar 2006

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Default Can't bind libecm.a with C++ files

When I try to bind libecm.a with a C++ file, I get
 undefined reference to `ecm_factor(__mpz_struct*, __mpz_struct*, double, __ecm_param_struct*)'
I know that gcc finds the right libecm.a file because there's a different error message when I delete or rename it.

The library works fine when I use it in C files.

I'm using:
gmp-ecm 6.0.1
gmp 4.1.4
gcc 3.3.4 on x86 Linux

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Jun 2005

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C++ mangles names but C does not. I believe this is the reason for the problem.
To solve it change:
#include <ECM.h>
extern "C" {
#include <ECM.h>

I hope that helps. Basically this tells the linker to look for the unmangled version of these functions i.e. the C version.

Please tell us how you go with this fix. This is from memory so I hope it contains no mistakes.
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Mar 2006

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This solves the problem.

Thanks a lot.
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