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Default Anyone know enough about coding to do this?

I would love to have prime95 or something similar run on my android phone all day 24/7 vs leave my computer on at home, is there a way we could do this or is it out there?
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Hi! and welcome to the search for big numbers.

There is such a program. It requires that exponents be fed to it manually. It does not return the residue if it is not prime (which is important for verification). It is way too slow for current exponents. It will chew up your battery. I have tried it with my phone plugged into my computer's usb to charge it. The battery was discharging faster than it was charging.
It is generally not advised to run Prime95 on a laptop that is not plugged in either.

Why are you concerned about leaving a computer running at home while you are away?

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Mobile phones are not designed with adequate cooling for full-time, 100% processor usage. This is in addition to the power requirements Uncwilly detailed.
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