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Default Gรถdel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid

The Pulitzer prize winner for 1979 (from memory), techincally a philosophical work concerning the nature and location of meaning but much, much more than that.

You really really ought to know more about indirect self-reference, typogenetics, word play, formal systems, ricercars, ant hills, recursion, and many other topics which this work includes.

This book changed my thought patterns more than any other work. A Magniftract Indeed!
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If I May
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Originally Posted by xilman View Post
This book changed my thought patterns more than any other work. A Magniftract Indeed!

That book changed many thought patterns!
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Originally Posted by chalsall View Post
That book changed many thought patterns!
Thirded. Re-read it in the 90s. Haven't yet read the sequel.
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