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Jul 2005

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Default v25.7 linux: MaxLoad/MinLoad


On v24 I always used such settings like

to make my servers more responible under heavy load.

With v25.7 it still suspends the worker threads when MaxLoad is reached but they never wake up again.
It would be nice to fix that again.
Since 25.7 is multithreaded it could be even more comfortable as in past (not suspending all worker threads on MaxLoad but just as many to hold the load down).

While workers are suspended the signal handling does not work properly (SIGTERM does not work in this case).

In 25.7 the worker threads are still niced 19 by default but the main thread is not. Its not a real problem but I (admin) have more work to explain the thing to concerned users who don't understand the whole thing if they see such processes on their machines:
 3673 rudi      18   0  335m 195m 2220 S  399  0.6   1513:34 mprime
So maybe completely nice 19 again would be a good Idea - but not really important.

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With v25.7 it still suspends the worker threads when MaxLoad is reached but they never wake up again.
I can confirm that. I also suffered the problem and had to dissable MaxLoad/MinLoad options.

Of course it would be nice to fix it.

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Aug 2002
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nice in v25.7 doesn't work well. If you use the Linux commandline to assign a nice or renice value it only gets assigned to the main thread and not to the worker threads. If anything, the nice value should only apply to the worker threads and not the main/comm thread. The way to get around this is to look for individual threads usig ps -eFly (I think) and renice them instead of the main process.

Sorry for the OT post but this may be related to mprime linux behaviour and why Max/MinLoad does not work.
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P90 years forever!
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The priority setting in the prime.txt file should affect the worker threads - just like Windows.
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Perhaps instead of saying nice doesn't work well I should have said it doesn;t work the way it used to in v24. In a multi-threaded application the way v25 works is probably correct.
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Jul 2005

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nice 19 works ALMOST perfect.
But it slows down the throughput of your niced 0 processes about 5-15% (dependent on the count of threads, kind of cpu cores etc.)

Some examples:

1. On office desktops or webservers I wouldn't care about about the load and I run mprime always on all cores.

2. On our developer desktops 4 core CPUs I always run only 2 mprime threads and they shall going to sleep on MaxLoad ~3.5. They shall awake on MinLoad ~1.0. (I really don't want any negative impact to the user)

3. Another example are my gameservers (my hobby business).
Here the CPU usage is mostly not more then 10%. But full CPU usage with niced processes makes any gaming completely impossible sometimes because gameservers needs very high responsibility. With Max/MinLoad settings like on our developer desktops it's not too bad but here I would like to be able to control mprime threads from my own scripts - say "go sleep when I got more than 50 players online".

So Max/MinLoad is very important to me - I can't run v25.7 on my gameservers and I got a bad conscience while running it on our devel machines.

My favorite feature request is this :
Instead of implementing complicated config rules like "pauseWhileRunning x workers" etc. (which never can satisfy all users needings!) - just let mprime listen to a unix socket using a simple protocoll to say "let worker x sleep/wakeUp".
So it would be easy to run monitoring/controlling scripts like:
"let mprime sleep if cpu is too hot"
"let some mprime threads sleep if games servers are heavy loaded"
... and any rule you could imagine!

I dowloaded alerady mprime sources and if I got time I will add that.
For now I will use "PauseWhileRunning" and scripts which starts "pseudo processes" to control mprime's worker threads.

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