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Default 64 bit mprime?

Is a 64 bit version of mprime available, or are there plans for one? I just ordered the parts for a killer dual core system and I was really looking forward to seeing the factoring performance.
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Peter Nelson
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Aaron, you are not the only person who would like this very much.

We are trying!

In theory its not so hard, the main problem is because the assembly code is written using microsoft tools which use microsoft format, and it is not so simple to translate this into linux elf64 equivalent as it was in 32 bit world.

I believe this will come.

The latest objcopy tools (part of linux binutils) might be able to do it (previously could not).

Alternatively I might be able to write a format convertor for the object code files. This is not so hard as it sounds as the machine instructions are identical, just the format of the file is different.
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