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Default Help me understand this result?

This was assigned to me (as opposed to me getting it manually). I'm having trouble understanding the results:

1. If it has been Factored, why is my result, and the one before mine, saying its a probable prime?
2. Why is the residue "PRP_PRP_PRP_PRP_"? That doesn't seem right?

Granted, I'm not very knowledgeable on the subject, I just like to Trial Factor mostly. Thanks!
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The number had three known small factors.

So you were assigned the task to determine if the remainder is also a prime. And your result shows it is a prime with good probability, so the remainder is PRP, a probable prime.

Therefore that number is now fully factored (if you assume the PRP result is a real prime).
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The remaining cofactor is a Probable Prime.
There are 3 factors listed. What is left after those are divide out looks to be a prime. Rejoice as this is fully factored now.
Here is the remaining cofactor

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Why wouldn't the server assign type 5 prp-cf test? It uses type 5 when there's a factor known...

I must be missing something.
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"Older" Versions of Prime95 default to type 1. The newer ones doesn't. And if there is a PRP-CF, the DC of it will always be with the same type.
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