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Default GMP-ECM with Visual Studio 2015

After a very long wait, NVidia has just released a version of CUDA 8.0 that is fully compatible with Visual Studio 2015 (update 3). Accordingly I have just added the Visual Studio 2015 build files to the GMP-ECM repository.

Unfortunately the complexity of the Unix shell scripts for the tests means that I have not been able to run all of the tests. But I have been able to run most of them and all those that I have run have passed.

It will be difficult to offer tuned binaries for the GPU versions because of the enormous number of options involved since every processor tuned version of MPIR can go with every Nvidia CUDA card. But it might be possible to settle on a few generic binaries with reasonable performance.

I am no longer building any applications for 32-bit Windows systems so only the 64-bit versions have been tested.

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