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Default weird character in computer name

This guy has a character in his computer name that causes an unexpected line break in the report, very annoying, can someone remove the character from the name?

15953537  66     0xAB132582134FD2__                09-Jan-03 10:47  S81293
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The problem is an embedded carriage-return (CR, or Control-M) character in the username (not the computer name). In other words: S81293<CR>

I didn't notice this before because under Unix only a line-feed (LF, or Control-J) is a line separator.

A quick check reveals:
There are no other embedded CR in other data files.

Oddly enough, this is the only entry for userid S81293 or computer-id C0B531E29 anywhere. There are no entries for these in the data files (BAD, LUCAS_V.TXT, HRF3.TXT or even HRF5.TXT), no entries in status.txt (assigned exponents), and only this one entry in cleared.txt (cleared exponents).

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I did a further search for control characters in the data files.

The data files use the Windows standard CR-LF as line terminator, so we ignore CR if it's part of this line terminator.

This search includes only 7-bit control characters (0x00 to 0x1f and also 0x7F), and does not include the 8-bit characters used for accented European letters and so forth.

There are no occurrences in HRF3.TXT, BAD, or LUCAS_V.TXT. However the file HRF5.TXT (list of usernames) contains 17 cases where control characters are embedded.

For printing purposes, these are shown below with ^X indicating Control-X, etc.

^I = tab
^H = backspace
^[ = ESC
^? = DEL
^F = just Control-F I guess

123456^I,Marek Opaterný
S51755,Daniel A. Jablonski^I
S91011,Stephen McLauhg^?^?^?g
aeatwood,Alan AAt^H^Htwood
atool,cat rea^I^H^H^H^H^H^H^H
birdman, ^Hcarlos carrasco
delete,Tapio TAmmi^H^H^H
eufhuehfef,BOb ^H^H
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A final note:

cleared.txt, as mentioned in the first message in this thread, shows a result returned for exponent 15953537 by user S81293<CR> on Jan 9 2003.

However, the data files only show:


So apparently, this cleared result has not yet made it into the data files despite being returned many months ago.

I say "apparently" because there are many cases where Primenet (cleared.txt) and the data files (BAD, LUCAS_V.TXT, HRF3.TXT) use different user names for the same user and the same result (see the Many username mismatches between database and Primenet thread).

So it is impossible to tell whether "robkar" and "S81293<CR>" might be the same user, and therefore this is the same result. Note that HRF3.TXT does not show the residue value (for security reasons) or the computer id, both of which would be useful clues.

This really makes it impossible to compare cleared.txt and the data files to see if they're truly in sync.

In the Cleared exponents that never made it into data files thread, I was only able to discover exponents that were never listed in any of the data files. But this will not catch a case like exponent 15953537, which already existed in the HRF3.TXT data file.

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