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Default Stage 2 abandoned on shutdown

I increased the memory available during a stage 2 from 1200 to 1400 and Prime95 failed to recognize the increase after waiting over 10 minutes. I shut down(EXIT) Prime95 hoping it would restart with the new settings. Much to my surprise, when I restarted Prime95(not the machine), it went straight to the LL testing and abandoned the stage 2.

I have done the same thing in V24 and it would recogize the memory change after a short wait and would always continue the stage 2 after a shut down.

This was on a Core2 Duo with 2 workers. The other worker(1) was doing LL @~80%.
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I subsequently restarted the machine several hours later and it picked up the stage 2 from were it left off with the new memory settings. Very strange behaviour.
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