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Whoa! What's this? Open season on primes??

Congratulations to 321 for finding the 1million digits prime.

On a (possibly) sadder note, does this mean the project is going to shutdown, now that the goal has been achieved?
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Jean Penné
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Default Hurrah 321 and Primegrid!!

Oh, how I like good news on waking!!

Many congrats to all involved in this success, and best regards,

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Default Congratulations!

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Congratulations. Sure have been a lot of huge primes lately from different projects.
@axn1: Was finding a 1M digit prime 321's goal when it began? I doubt it will close just because they achieved their goal. Just set a higher goal, say, 10M digit prime.
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Congratulations to everyone involved.
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I thought I would double check with Yves Gallot's prgram Proth.exe and after almost exactly 4 days it reported: "may be prime". I do not plan to run the full proving test. Jean's LLR program, in contrast, does its deterministic test in 6.831 hours on the same machine.

There is an official announcement (pdf) at PrimeGrid for download along with the new prime's 209 page decimal expansion (pdf) :surprised

Congrats to Dylan Bennett for the discovery

There is a chance we will hit another prime below n=5M

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Fantastic, really happy to see this really big plum. Congrats to all concerned, but especially Paul for his perseverance promoting 321

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