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May 2003

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Extra congratulations for everyone who stuck with the project even through the dry patch. It's only by sticking with things that you complete them.

What a monster. What a way to end the year!
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Apr 2003

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Congrats to all the contributor to make this one possible.


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Sep 2005

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Congratulations Paul
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Jun 2003

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Congratulations Paul, hope you find your Million digit prime soon.

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Feb 2003

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Congrats also for entering position 19 of the Top20 persons by score list, Paul! That's quite close behind myself...
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Sep 2002
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Thanks to you all for your congratulations. I was just a lucky member of a great prime-hunting team.

The 321 team has jumped a few places to posistion 7.

I hope we are lucky and find the next 321 prime soon.
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Old 2007-03-09, 04:01   #40
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Sep 2002
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Great news! A new prime. This one has 944,108 digits. The lucky finder is yours truly. Without much long and sustained help from valuable 321 contributors this would be still out there unknown. So thanks from me to them, to you. It was about where it should have been. I guessed 2.9 million bits and Vincent Diep had guessed 3.08.

3*2^3136255-1 is prime! Time : 20968.720 sec. (2.6GHz Pentium D)
3*2^3136255-1 is prime! Time : 15706.551 sec. (3.4Ghz Pentium 4)

Submitted to top5000 : in at 12th largest known prime to date.

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Jul 2003

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Nice find Paul

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Jean Penné
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May 2004

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Default Hurrah!

So happy I am to read this morning on the Chris Caldwell status page :

796713 2^3136255-1 944108 L256 Mar 2007 (rank 12)

Many congrats to Paul and all 321 project participants!!

And now, at the 1 million digits prime!

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Sep 2006

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Wow. Congratulations!!!! What a nice prime After 444-1 days

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Nov 2003

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Congrats on a huge prime!!
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