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Default When do I know if the number is prime?

Does the program tell you whether a factor as been found?

Or does it not reveal this information until the end.

Also, my iteration times range between .678 (slowest) to .288 fastest How does this compare to other Pentium III machines. I feel I am running a little slow.


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Yes, the program does tell you, whether a factor was found or if the mersenne you tested is prime. You can look up the meaning of program outputs in readme.txt and in the Online Help.
In case of P-1ing, First Time Tests or DCs, you have to wait till the end of the test.
In case of Trial Factoring, the program might look for factors smaller than the current one to determine the smallest one. But it won't start a new bit depth. So again you have to wait "nearly" till the end.

To compare your timings to others, you can take a look at the benchmarks-page on


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