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Mar 2006

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Works going on... Template-time:

I've added a new Infobox for numbers, for the first look and feel.

I'ts put on the Mersennes at the bottom.

- no need to search for other numbers from this page or cruising in the categories
- easy to update/change/expand the template, no other page has to be touched then

The main template can be used to create others for software, hardware, projects or persons.
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Mar 2006

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Changed the idea of subpages... referencing them is a pain.

Projects should get their own category, if there is more than one page. So for GIMPS there's a category with all subcategories and pages.
The main article has the same name as the category, for referencing easier there's also a redirect with 'GIMPS' to that main page.

I created a project template for GIMPS to include all pages in the category and some related (category links in the title).
Easy to change/advance... any suggestions?

Put this on tha main article will give easy acces to the other pages of the project. Inserting this on all pages of the project is easy.

Same for other projects.

There're not much 'normal' pages to restore, so I can see the light at the end.
Normal pages are not yet data pages like those old ones for Home Prime or Cunningham.
As mentioned those pages won't be created anymore like that, but with data files (PDF or TXT) to upload and link on such pages. These data files will not infalte the database of the wiki, only saved like images in a wiki in file base manner.
(Any edit on a page will save the whole page in the database, and there were many pages with 100kB to 300kB (Cunningham, remaining sorted by difficulty,...). The biggest page was 3MB in source.. nonono nomore).
There have to be some restrictions for those files, I have to consider then (file size, reference, date of file/data).

I've also added an option to handle different spellings:
Example: 'Factorization' and 'Factorisation'
The first is a page in the Wiki and can be found, but the second was done by a redirect in the old Wiki.
No need to do so:
Template Spelling put on the page with that different spelling and the search will find the second, too. The category will show all such entries in a table.

ToDo before:
- some last pages to restore
- correct some internal links because of categorization (not much used in old Wiki)
- templates for GIMPS or MersennePrimes fill in
- some missing pages to create, some new, some ony false linked
- some pages with data files
- perhaps some 'real' example for the <graph> mode
- create some general info/help pages: how to edit, purpose of the Wiki,...

ToDo after:
- re-read pages, delete errors, make them current
- check all external links given
- in future?: some pages in other languages
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Mar 2006

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Template for Mersenne prime infobox included and inserted in M51.
(todo: template paramter to fill in, see big table)

More data to fill in?
The other template has to be removed and the List of Mersenne to be changed, too.

Loud thinking:
The template for the spelling from the previous post could be used to make a glossary easily.
- fill in some text on a page to show in the glossary
- the table contains this description and the short text

Last fiddled with by kar_bon on 2019-02-12 at 14:56 Reason: gloss
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Nov 2008
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Originally Posted by kar_bon View Post
Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format
Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially.

So everyone can copy all data/pages, make for example a book of it and sell it for $50?

Following this chart I have chosen the NC-SA (non commercial) type.

What about errors in such a book? Who will be responsable for such errors?
All data shown in this Wiki are freely reachable by everyone and references are given.
Own researches (not allowed in Wikipedia without reference) can listed here, too.

I think you answered a different issue than I was intending to raise. I was under the impression that you were copying the infobox code from Wikipedia, which would have been a licensing issue. It doesn't appear you've done that.
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Mar 2006

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Oh, I see.

No... I've used my own template for Infoboxes. not that much highly developed like in Wikipedia but functioning well. Changes or enhancements can be done later.
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Mar 2006

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Topic number format:

In MediaWiki there's a 'Magic word' "formatnum" to format the output of numbers.

The problem is: according to the Wiki default locale set to "en" for English, the output is always in that format.

Using the PHP-extension and the given language selection (English and German only by now), the format of numbers can be displayed according to the language the user chosen for diplay the page (on top right of any page and set in user settings).

An example is here:
According to the language the display of the number changes.

So creating a template this solves the issue using a standard Wiki-global number format as planned.
The users language will display the country given format then.
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Mar 2006

293010 Posts

Created a category with shortcuts in the Wiki.

The tables created automatically with pages in that category (not shown here), the shortcut links to the page where it's defined.
Using a simple template like the one for 'Spelling' and same can be done for mentioned glossary.
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Mar 2006

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Finally I've included all Mersenne primes with their own page using this template to hold the data and show the infobox.

I've changed the data fields to be needed. All links like those for the press release, number as TXT/ZIP or perfect number TXT/ZIP are generated automatically and so don't have to be given separately.

On the other hand I've included a "found with" field, given the test used and the hardware.

Now the List (2nd table, old one can be deleted later) is fully filled with data using another template fetching all needed data from the infobox template.
This table is 10 lines of code, the old 420 (=20kB) and do not has to be changed, if a new prime is found:
Creating a page with the category "Mersenne prime" and the infobox template with all data will also update the table.
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Wow, this looks great. Love the infobox and all.
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If I May
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"Chris Halsall"
Sep 2002

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Originally Posted by Uncwilly View Post
Wow, this looks great. Love the infobox and all.

I feel a bit bad about this. I told Mike I would bring the old Wiki back online, but then got seriously busy (and, to be honest, there was some scary stuff in the data dump).

But... I do own "" (registered after Mike let expire, which was then snatched up by a squatter/extortionist).

I would be happy to point this domain's A and AAAA records to any IP(s) you wish, so this could be a "TLD" resource.

No charge!
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Mar 2006

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I've rounded the infoboxes a little bit, only feels 'smoother'.

Here's an example, how much work to do in this Wiki: Cullen number

1. the current search range by PrimeGrid should be updated from time to time -> template putting such page in a category, checking for say every 3 months
2. an own page for generalized Cullen primes because of much more data -> PDF to create and upload
3. page at for Cullen not online again only at webachive -> store data like the ranges done here as PDF for historical reference before lost forever? same for Primzahlenarchiv >10 years old but historical information
4. links to the Top5000 ID's not yet all, only 2 largest
5. collecting data from other sites like Gallot or Löh?

That's why it's hard to manage a list of Riesel numbers like I did for years now, but data spreaded all over and by years many information will be lost.
So a place to find all data for some projects done over years by different persons in one place is the aim of such Wiki with the ability of cross refencing to other projects without searching the internet on your own.

This can be done by many participants of such a Wiki.
Wikipedia is a big collection of information, but the deeper knowledge of 'our' projects like search results, historical information, how to use programs, years of experience in math or IT/programming/developing is no available there.
Wikipedia got 'Cullen number' (with gen.Culls) with some data/links but who found those numbers (perhaps in any link given), how can I search those numbers, which tools/hardware I need, where get I further hints to do so. Those topics are not the intention of Wikipedia, but why not do so here?
[enthusiastic off]

Finally found the link/page (was a system message to be edited) to the page when trying to log in and need help:
- right top click "Log in"
- underneath the blue button "Log in" is the link "Help with loggin in" which now call a page in the Wiki and not the gerneral MediaWiki page as before.
Now need to find the right things to show there: my email?, the Wiki email? a forum thread?
Perhaps first the last option.

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