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View Poll Results: I _actually_ received my first COVID vaccine dose in...
Dec 2020 (or before) 2 3.45%
Jan 2021 7 12.07%
Feb 2021 6 10.34%
Mar 2021 15 25.86%
Apr 2021 11 18.97%
May 2021 5 8.62%
Jun 2021 8 13.79%
Jul 2021 0 0%
Aug 2021 0 0%
Planning not to vaccinate 4 6.90%
Voters: 58. You may not vote on this poll

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1st shot BioNTech/Pfizer on Tuesday, with no side effects beside a very mild sting in the arm for some hours. (Yes, they took the needle out after the shot ). The medical staff at our workplace distributed the shots, which is very convenient because I don't have to bother with getting appointments and don't have to take half a day off just to go to the doctor.
2nd shot due July 20th.
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Originally Posted by Uncwilly View Post
I would have taken Vlad's impalement if that was all that was around.
No, you wouldn't haha. Let him rest in peace.

Coming to the topic, here in Thai there is not much choice for us (farangs) either. Even less choices than Dario's and even those cost money. Lots. Me and swmbo decided to wait till it will become mandatory (like, international traveling, if we need to travel for work or to see relatives).

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Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
No, you wouldn't haha. Let him rest in peace.
Methinks you missed the joke. Vlad(imir Putin)'s impalement [jab] works better than none.
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Haha, didn't know about that meaning
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I think this guy's yet-to-be-invented "universal vaccine" qualifies as "less effective."

Geert Vanden Bossche Stokes Fear of COVID-19 Vaccine To Promote His Own Flawed 'Solution'
On March 6, 2021, a Belgian veterinarian named Geert Vanden Bossche published an open letter "to all authorities, scientists and experts around the world" asserting that, in his expert analysis, the current global COVID-19 vaccination program will "wipe out large parts of our human population." The way to avoid this purported calamity, Vanden Bossche asserts, is for scientists to pay more attention to his own invention — a "universal vaccine" that uses the body's innate immune system to kill SARS-CoV-2.
As I understand it, the innate immune system can't be "trained" - it doesn't "remember" specific microbes or viruses.

The adaptive immune system is what makes vaccines as effective as they are.
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