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Since I am no longer using the final column of my Leyland prime indexing chart to indicate intervals, I've added a "P" therein for entries that I know are proven primes. That necessitated removing the "date approximate" for Selevich's L(8656,2929) and adding a "~" in front of that entry's date, which is how I had it originally. The indices of my chart are of course one greater than the indices of the Leyland "Prime Wiki" table because they are a reflection of OEIS A094133 which has a spurious first term.
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Looking at that table, there are a lot of results that should be able to be proven in less than a day (at least) on "bigger" systems. Please correct me, if I am wrong here, frequent Primo users!

If correct, I'd like to reserve some of the smaller ones tomorrow for Primo. I will specify them futher then and also double check them on FactorDB.

In the list of kar_bon, maybe we should try to certify the "orange" entries, too?
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Originally Posted by bur View Post
Impressive compilation. Do you have data on which of the numbers are just PRPs? It would make a nice list of candidates for primo.
Not sure whether you realise this, but that's the reason why these numbers have been singled out and given a particular name.

Long ago I pointed out that they seem to have a reasonable density of primes of all sizes, have a very simple algebraic description and have no obvious properties which can be exploited by special-purpose algorithms.

Several have been used to set records for the size of a certified prime. They are frequently used, I believe, to test new implementations of general primality testing algorithms.
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