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May 2005
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Question Too Much Internet Access.

I have set my friend's computer up to test a 10M digit number (he wants to
win the money!).
All went well. The program downloaded an exponent, and a completion date.
Factoring work began, but about 20 minutes later the program asked for
permission to contact the server, and we allowed it. A new, different
completion date was sent.
I went home, but 4 hours later my friend called me on the radio (we are radio
hams) and said that Prime 95 was again asking to connect to it's server. He
connected to the internet again, and another, different completion date was
My friend is rather upset that Prime 95 needs such frequent internet access,
and I am puzzled too, as I thought that the program would happily run offline
for weeks at a time without needing to connect to it's server.
Is it normal for Prime 95 to need so much internet access?
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See my reply to you in the other area in which you posted this message. BTW, I don't think you're supposed to put the same exact post twice on the board.
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Sorry about the double post.
It wasn't my intention to break forum protocol, but I wasn't sure of the best
place to post my question.

Yes I can see what you are talking about:
Advanced / Manual Communication...

If we select "Do not contact PrimeNet automatically" to stop internet access,
will it be OK to remove the tick later, say once every 2 weeks, to allow the
program to access the internet to send/receive any outstanding data?
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1) whats the big deal its like a 1k packet ( unless he is on dial up) just grant it permission to always allow

2) just dont allow it , it will run anyway you might want to update the server in month or 3 depending on your machine so you dont let it expire but its still going to crunch even if it cant talk back to primenet
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