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Default search terms

Some terms are not accepted for search, fail to find any matches although there are many occurrences in the forum of the search string, or are effectively truncated before search by the forum search or advanced search functions.

P-1 (fails to find any matches because it breaks into P and 1 which are too short, even if surrounded by quotes)
P+1 (same as above)
Searching for "errcode=1002" returns results as if the search term was "errcode=100" or perhaps less; "errcode="?

Could select GIMPS-specific terms such as P-1 or P+1 be supported as "words"?
errcode=<value>? (Without breaking things, of course.)

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You may already do this too, but in lieu of the site being able to be modified, I normally do a site specific search with my preferred engine:
I do agree it would be nice for the forum itself to handle this better. I actually use the above method with other fora as well.
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Searching for "P-1" you could use spaces like " P-1 ", but will find many!

For "errcode=1002" try "errcode"&"1002", finds 58 posts.
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