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Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
Related to that, I remember a nice SF story I read over 40 years ago (and which is about 111 years old - that's a decimal number, not a binary one, hehe). It was called "the machine stops" (lucky, the original title is the same as the Ro version I read, so it was easy to gulugulu it). Must to read.
No problem if you read English...
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I prefer "The Celestial Omnibus".
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Box seat: scientists solve the mystery of why wombats have cube-shaped poo
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Chili Pepper Compound Increases Solar Cell Efficiency
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This is a beautiful piece of work:
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'Smallest reptile on earth' discovered in Madagascar
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Nice story (didn't click the other links yet, will do later, busy at work) but a bit depressing too. Reading behind of the "appreciation for such a nice gesture", it took 7 years for those guys to find the owners (two wallets were found in 2014), in spite of the fact that they knew everything about them, and in spite of the "modern tracking era" of which some people here are so afraid of. This guy was, luckily, still alive, but the other one they missed by 5 years, he died in 2016, two years LATER than the wallets were found - so they were not able to find the rightful owner in 2 years to return the wallet to him. On the other hand, yeah, still commendable, they could just scrap the wallets and forget about the story. But yet, a bit depressing... Or maybe encouraging... I still can kick some asses of some guys I know, and hope they won't find me in 7 years...

Back to work now. Kicking asses...

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Default Voyager 2 still working after 11 month "vacation"

The downtime was due to refurbing the giant DSS 43 antenna just outside Canberra, the only one powerful enough and properly located.
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A new paper on the Langlands program by Laurent Fargues and Peter Scholze:

Some comments:
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