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Default account needs verification to to upload manual results

Hi All

I have just finished my first GPUOwl assignment and am struggling with how to upload my results. I am following the instructions, however, stuck on the first step.

The instructions state to upload the results.json.txt first. Though there are no instructions on how to do this.

The first problem, GPUowl only gives me results.txt. Do I just rename this file results.json.txt or is there some other way I need to covert this file?

The second problem is the manual results upload states my account needs verification by an administrator. Who can do this?

after the instructions state to move the Proof folder to the same folder where Primer95 resides and this should upload to the server.

Apologies in advance if this is in the wrong section.
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Just login to using your favourite browser, go to manual assignments, results, and copy/paste the content of results.txt file, with notepad or your favorite text editor. You can also browse for the file and send it, it's the same.
You have to be logged into the site, otherwise the result will be reported as anonymous (the icon upper right has to be green and show your name).

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There is a python script in the gpuowl/tools directory that takes care of uploading results and proofs, then gets more assignments.
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Welcome. For background information see
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