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Andrew Usher
Dec 2022

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That's a good start, though it seems that it was limited to LL/PRP. I just checked the 100Mdigit range, and immediately saw 'Siarhei P.', one of the users mentioned previously in this thread - the LL assignments were made in _2015_ and show no progress (they keep checking in, but have not started). That seems long enough to expire without doubt.

I know the manual assignments page states that all manual assignments expire after six months if not renewed; that may not always be enforced, but there has to be some limit, again, no type of assignment (manual or not) deserves to stick around for ever.
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Oct 2019
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Originally Posted by S485122 View Post
The following might have been greedy in collecting assignments. All depend on their age :
jwnutter   TF 10029  5000 results in the last year (2 years work)
If you'll look closer, you will find that this statement is not entirely accurate.

The truth is.... The PrimeNet Get Manual GPU Assignments page has been extremely painful to use for many years. But, this is likely unique to a handful of people who are doing a lot of TF work. I try to complete ~90k GHz-days of LL work per month, and I don't really care much about the values being tested. So, I generally default to "What makes sense", which has also been problematic in the past.

That said, I will also add that there are times when I unintentionally turn my assignments in late. Although I generally do not check to see if another user has been assigned these values, I support the idea of crediting my efforts (or the efforts of anyone that turns an assignment in late) to those users who receive the assignment after me. I was late so I should be punished, not the other way around. That said, I do believe the root cause goes back to the clunky nature of the PrimeNet Get Manual GPU Assignments page - at least for someone that is attempting to reserve a large number of assignments. At one time I solved this problem with MISFITS, but I ran into issues with MISFITS a few years ago following an OS update. In any event, this is just my 2 cents.

At this point, I've turned in all my LL assignments and I'm currently receiving this error message from the
PrimeNet Get Manual GPU Assignments using the default settings:

(a) Error code: 40
Error text: No assignment available for GPU trial factoring

I can continue TF'ing or I can stop - up to you guys. But, if I'm going to continue please fix the error code listed above and please allow me to pull at least 100k GHz-days of manual assignments at a time. I don't really care where these assignments are in the range.
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James Heinrich
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Originally Posted by jwnutter View Post
please fix the error code listed above and please allow me to pull at least 100k GHz-days of manual assignments at a time.
I have asked George to look into the specific query that generates these assignments.
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Oct 2019
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Thanks. I thought about sending him a dm but decided to post instead assuming he might stumble upon this thread at some point, if not already.

Also, after reading my previous post I need to make a correction: LL = TF. Not sure why I typed LL.
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