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Default "humanitarian" :smile: request

Hey guys, anyone close to Marietta, Georgia, United States? As close as it would allow to meet a stranger and get an EVGA GTX580 HC for me, for a fee? Or anyone with a postal address in US who could take that card and sending it to me in Thailand for a fee?

The story is like that, I was bidding and winning that card on eBay. Paid by paypal, ~$300 including the shipping costs. Which is a good price for a 580HC (i.e. water cooled, one may be able to buy the air-cooled card for less than $200, but the water block is about $150 alone! if you bid for them separately). After I paid, the seller found out that he can't send the card to Thailand without "confirmation that I received it". In his words, "unfortunately, I cannot get Seller Protection through USPS or FedEx because of the lack of signature verification in that area. I'm not sure why neither service provides that option to Thailand, but I've been reading stories of people getting burned due to that simple but vital requirement."

I tried to convince him that I don't want to skin him off, but it seems I was not very convincing, and he refunded (very promptly) my money, integrally. I don't know what it will cost me (if anything), due to "paypal stunts", I never got a "refund", this is first time in my life I get one. But anyhow, the point is that I would still like to buy the card, and he suggested that he can wait for me a reasonable period, if some "friend of mine in US" can get it for me. One of my friend will come to visit me next week, but he lives in Peoria, IL, and the time is too short for postal stunts, and the seller may not wait until I find something more convenient for me.

So, anyone wanting to help me here? You may like the card and want to keep it, hehe, I won't mind, as long as I will know it is used "for the project", but if you keep it, I don't pay for it. However, the idea is that you buy the card in your name (I pay for it) and you send it to me later (I pay shipping and fee to you if you don't try to skin me off). The seller seems to be obsessed by this "seller protection", well, I understand him, there are plenty of tricksters there in the wild... I am just not one of them!)

I would prefer somebody with long time stats here... (I am afraid of newcomers too )

If this works, we may repeat it in the future (I am bidding now for a couple of 590s also water cooled).

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Have you considered a mail forwarding service?
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