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Default Could Apple become the new Windows?

Just to clarify, I'm referring to the large market share Microsoft has when I write the title.

So what do you guys think? Do you think Apple might lower it's prices at some point, so that more people will buy Apple hardware? Or maybe they'll offer a plug and play approach with the OS being a subscription model rather than being attached to specific hardware.

An alternate question I'm curious about is how many of you would buy Apple hardware if the price were per user, rather than per computer? So the first purchase would be expensive, but the slaved hardware that a lot of us have would just have a hardware charge when we added it on. Would that float a lot of people's boats?

Alternate alternate question, what if Apple had access to the same games as a Windows computer WITHOUT you having to have a Windows license? Iow, what if the gaming companies started taking Apple seriously? Would THAT float people's boats?

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I can't say for sure, but I'd take Microsoft over Apple any day. The former are assholes, but the latter is downright evil.

I don't like the Mac OS(X) much more than Windows. The GUI is crap IMO. The hardware is nice, except for two/three issues: 1) way over priced 2) useless keyboards/mice.

I don't understand the third paragraph.

Requiring a Mac OS license is no better than requiring a Windows license, so Apple is no better in this regard. And besides, games companies do take Apple seriously (though only in the last few years). Even Linux is beginning to be taken seriously.

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I'm presently shortening the link to find out what a humble bundle is.

My first thought was to think of Jesus' birth. Be a good joke if I thought my Christian friends would understand the reference.

Humble bundle = cool concept, although 100% of my money would go to the company itself. I'd prefer to deal with charities directly, I don't need a middleman.

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