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Viliam Furik
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Originally Posted by tuckerkao View Post
It seems pretty hard for UncWilly to tell curtisc to turn up the Stage 2 memories to at least 4 GBs instead of the default 0.3 GB under Options -> Resource Limits, thus curtisc still only be able to finish the Stage 1 of P-1 factoring on all of his own exponents.
You do realize, that he's got like 800 computers at the school where he works, right? Not only that makes any kind of mass upgrade not easy, but the computers (at least most of them) are also being used daily, so maybe can't afford to use that much RAM, because of the potential drop in the performance.
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Since this is going nowhere, I'll take the bite. From

delete the part between the -1 and the quoted factor(s), which I've bolded. That'll do a type-5 test (and thus generate a proof). The others are stuck with type-1 unless type-5 tests are manually performed, at least until additional factors are found. I'd rather see this resolved than see more non-GEC and non-VDF PRP-CF tests floating around.
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"Tucker Kao"
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The PRP-CF of M11433007 generated the proof file, then Ben Delo came to certify it.
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