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Default Parse data

Hi all,

Whilst enjoying the sunny Crete I was thinking about work, this is my last What’s the best programming language to parse data and send back to a FTP server. If I am not mistaken the third party company we use for our energy management system uses python.

What I’m looking for is how to parse the half hourly data from my clients energy data onto the format we use in our energy management system. I easily made a few examples on excel just not yet on VB a way to stream onto a FTP server. The input and outputs can be all sort of formats from data in rows or columns, etc etc. I suppose the big thing here is the ability of the third party to host a server where they can link and run a script to interface between client energy supplier - third party server - my EMS.

Available formats can be found here:
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Looks like 90% or so of those files are some form of CSV. IF you want to use python, there's a csv api in the standard library

I think I saw one that said xml, Beautiful Soup is a good library for that.

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Originally Posted by pinhodecarlos View Post
the best programming language to parse data
mmm... Perl? (or or any regex aware language, but nothing beats Perl here).
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