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Default Help needed to create a team

Hi all, several friends of mine (and me too) want to create a Prime 95 team, but there are some points not clear, so if you can please help :

1) Team list : I haven't seen a link to list all the registered Teams, their composition (name of the individual accounts registere to the team), statistics about the production, rankings, etc.). Without this section, i think that the teams are quite unuseful

2) what is the correct procedure to create a team and join it ? I had a normal installation of prime95 as a single account, then i changed USER INFORMATION creating a Team. That worked, but now my user information doesn't report my original account name, but instead it reports the team name. Is that correct ? I thinked that, besides the team name, each user cound keed his or her own account details (user).

Can someone help ? thanks
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A team is just a userid where noone can change the user name. Thus, to create a team enter the user id you want and the team name and select the create a team option. Every team member must then use this id on their computers.

You are right that this is a poor implementation of teams. When the server is upgraded each user will have their own id and statistics as well as a team id that they are a member of.
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